Why Digital Learning Deserves Our Attention | Industry Insights

Learning isn’t only coming from an organization now. Learners are actually taking education into their own hands. It’s as basic as a Google search now to learn the answer to workplace questions. Digital learning is in fact, modern learning.

“Right now we’re in an environment where if you didn’t learn it from the training department, it really doesn’t count, to a certain degree. That’s going to shift,” David Kelly says. “We’re going to start to recognize that what people are doing outside the walls of the training department counts. The question is: How do we acknowledge and give weight to it? And how do we leverage it as an organization?”

Learners are becoming more and more independent. They’re asking their own questions and looking for the answers.

“This unprecedented shift in human behavior is expected to radically transform the current corporate training paradigm. L&D executives need to be prepared for the ramifications digital learning will bring.”

There can be great benefits to this trend, but it also is important to learn how to navigate it, so it can best benefit your company or organization.

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