Industry Insight | Using Gamification for Learning Wins!

Gamification of eLearning is hailed as a way to drive engagement, motivation, and performance—but if overdone, it can actually decrease all of these. How can you ensure you’re using gamification for learning wins?

Why is this? How do we make sure this doesn’t happen? Here’s a few of our favorite insights from Learning Solutions Magazine:

  1. Don’t de-value the concept, by over-valuing the game: This is easy to do when a game is involved. Make sure the learning is engaging and enjoyable, but not at the expense of absorbing the actual content.
  2. Focus on performance improvement, not the game’s winner: For some, competition isn’t the greatest motivator. Focusing too much on the outcome of the game or who wins, could take away from seeing actual performance improvement.
  3. Work together, not against each other: You want to create healthy competition, but nothing too serious. Make sure your team is working together and not just competing against each other.

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