What Is a Blended Learning Journey?

Something we’re passionate about is blended learning. We believe that a blended learning journey leads to effective outcomes. So what is a blended learning journey? We’re glad you asked!
There’s a few pieces that make up a blended learning journey:
1. It doesn’t happen all at once: That’s what a journey is all about. Over time, you pick up more knowledge and new concepts along the way that leads to your overall understanding of something.
2. Unique modes and means of delivering learning: Some learning could happen completely digitally, but that can also be combined with classroom learning, workshops, and webinars to create an entire learning journey.
The most important peice of all of this, is to understand that there’s no one way to learn and there isn’t one way that’s better than another. It’s all about what you’re trying to accomplish.
When thinking through a learning journey, for your organization, you must determine your goals. Then, you can find the best combination of these different tools to create an effective learning journey for your team.
Hear more on a blended learning journey, from our co-founder, Larry Mohl!

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