Learning Requires an Amazing Team

Happy Thursday! We started this series a few weeks ago, because we believe that both business and learning requires an amazing team. We want you to meet ours! We introduced you to the leadership of Jubi in our last installment. Today, we want to introduce you to our amazing team!

Hal Lanier || Customer Success Manager — Hal’s the guy you want to talk to! He works hard to make sure each of our customers is not only satisfied, but has everything they need for success in using the Jubi platform. You can connect with Hal on LinkedIn. 

Jane Gentry || New Business — Jane helps connect new business and learning opportunities with Jubi. You can connect with Jane on LinkedIn.

Josh Webb || Marketing Manager — Josh creates strategies and processes to get the word out about Jubi. He helps connect customers with potential opportunities to use Jubi in their organization. You can connect with Josh on LinkedIn. 

We hope this helped give a little peek into our team! If you’d like to learn more, schedule a time to talk with us!

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