Jubi Performance Mapping

What is Jubi Performance Mapping? JPM is a methodology that engages key stakeholders in your organization in a discovery and alignment dialogue to define outcomes and components of a program.  The output of this dialogue is an agreed upon performance map that can be used to:

  • Set expectations for what the program will achieve and consist of
  • Serve as a simple tool to communicate and discuss the program
  • Guide the detailed development of the program
  • Define the items that can be used to measure program effectiveness and impact

This map can help direct and move your team through a process that will actually help you reach your goals. There’s a step by step process though so let’s walk through it!

Step 1: Perform

In this step, the goal is to answer the question, “What business KPIs or performance outcomes are we seeking to achieve?”  KPIs and other performance outcomes are the key measures of business success that are quantifiable.  In broad terms, most companies have success measures or KPIs in the areas of operations, people, finance, quality, growth, customers, and service.  It is important for stakeholders to identify and align around an agreed upon set of program KPIs.

Step 2: Do

In order to achieve the desired performance outcomes, individuals must do something new, better, or differently.  Therefore, the goal of this step is to answer the question, “What behaviors and skills do we want individuals to demonstrate?”  This can be stated as either a shift in behavior or as the desired behavior itself.  In either case, it is important to identify and align around a set of behaviors that are most critical to driving the performance outcomes.

Step 3: Learn

For an individual to take informed action we must answer the question, “What do we want the individual to understand?”  Learning is a process that creates an understanding in the context of the larger journey.  In this step, the goal is to identify and align around key topics, concepts, or methods required to take action.

Step 4: Inspire

As individuals learn and do over time, their environment plays a vital role in their level of achievement.  Therefore, we strive to design an environment that prepares the individual for success by answering the question, “What high value conversations and engagement do we want to drive?”  In considering high value conversations, the goal is to reflect on the community that is experiencing the program.  It is important to define areas of discussion or “hot topics” that will prompt interaction and sharing among community members.  Seeding these discussions ahead of time will supercharge collaboration in a way that moves the journey forward in a productive and effective manner.       

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