How Home Depot Develops High Potentials

We have partnerships with a lot of incredible companies and we get to help with their Learning and Development plans. One of those is Home Depot! We got to be a part of a presentation at the¬†Association for Talent Development Conference this year with Home Depot. We talked about the ways that we’re able to help this incredible company with their L&D!

Here’s some ways that Home Depot is using Jubi!

The Shift to Modern Learning…Home Depot is changing some of their traditional¬†methods to modern ways!

  • Learning isn’t “aligned.” It’s embedded.
  • It’s not an event, it’s a journey.
  • Content isn’t king here. Environment rules!
  • They don’t want to improve the process after, but during!

Here’s another way they are using Jubi – They COMBINE Learning and Development. They aren’t separate, but work together!

  • Learning: The emphasis is on quality content and delivery. What does that look like? Classroom learning, Web-based learning, and Self-paced Performance Support.
  • Development: This is about application. The emphasis here is about on-the-job behavior change? How do they make this happen? Through Coaching, Action-Learning Tasks, and more!

One last way the Home Depot uses Jubi…focus!

There’s a specific focus to each stage of the learning process – learn. do. inspire. performance.¬†

  • Learning – Content Focus
  • Do – Action Focus
  • Inspire – Engagement Focus
  • Performance – Results Focus

There’s so many ways to use Jubi and that’s the beauty of it – being able to customize it to fit your learning organization’s needs. If you want to learn more about how the Home Depot uses Jubi, check out our free presentation from the ATD conference below.


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