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Motivation v. Inspiration. These two concepts are fairly similar and yet, their outcomes can be so different.

Our co-founder, Terry Barber, is a major proponent of inspiration v. motivation. We believe full heartedly in this concept here at Jubi. Why? Because, although motivation is a great thing, it ultimately doesn’t create lasting change. Motivation can get the ball rolling, but many times it fizzles out.

For example, finding motivation to work out, eat better, or change something in your lifestyle is great. The reality is though, if you’re never inspired to do these things for a reason bigger than you, that motivation won’t stick.

“Leaders who genuinely inspire others do so by tapping into people’s dreams, eliciting the best from them, and ultimately, changing their lives.”

Motivating your team is great. Being positive and encouraging is important. But, being inspirational is essential if you want to see lasting change – not just in your team, but in your organization.

“…It is the inspiration factor that produces more positive transformation than any other leadership trait.”

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