New Research: Social, Mobile, and Corporate Learning

“Companies have realized that social and mobile learning goes beyond simply using technology to deliver content on mobile devices; it is about knowing how to fruitfully operate across new and ever-changing learning spaces. The emphasis now lies on ‘learning’ rather than teaching, challenging L&D professionals to comprehend learners’ needs, context, and skills better than ever before.”

“New and ever changing learning spaces..” — that’s what we’re all about at Jubi! A learning space can be in a classroom. A learning space could be on a phone or iPad. A learning space could even be on a social network. The possibilities are endless when we begin to think about learning in a new way – where, when and how it happens!

Digital learning is shifting and changing. Not only is digital learning itself changing, but it’s changing the landscape of eLearning, training, and beyond!

Read more of  Amit Gautam’s research takeaways of these emerging learning trends, over on Learning Solutions Magazine! 

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