If you fail to plan, you plan to… (you know the rest)

Having a strategy or a plan is a major part of any successful organization. This ranges from your business ventures, to new clients, or new practices. It should also be a big part of your employee training, development, and engagement.

“Having a plan in place and a team of internal advisors ensures we can and will impact engagement of the talented employees we have and the ones that we will bring into the organization in the future.” — Seniye Groff, Learning Solutions Magazine

A strategy helps to push the ball forward in so many ways in your organization. Not having a good strategy and the team to back it up, can lead to a lot of important pieces falling through the cracks, like individual learning plans and better ways of on-boarding new team members. It’s crucial to continue to check in with your team and see how the current strategy is working. Having advisors in place that actually focus on the strategy of the team, can help to ensure further engagement and productivity.

You can read more about being strategic with employee engagement right here.

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