Modern Learning Maturity | Part I

We love Modern Learning around here! We’re passionate about helping organizations continue to grow and move towards an even better work and learning culture.

Because of that, we’ve created something called the Modern Learning Maturity Model. This model can help you see where you are on the traditional to modern learning scale. We’ve broken everything down from business rationale, to value viewpoints, to delivery systems.

There are 3 different levels in this model. The goal of this model is to help you see where your organization is and simple changes you can make to move towards a modern learning organization!

Today, we’re talking about Level 1: A Traditional Training Organization. 

So what does this type of organization look like? Here’s a few main characteristics:

  1. Training is more about reducing risk, than creating real results. L&D isn’t about creating a better employee or aligning with business goals nearly as much. Value is more highly placed on compliance and reducing the cost of training as much as possible.
  2. Learning and Development is a one time event. L&D isn’t a part of the overall business plan, rather a reaction to certain trends or things that come up from time to time. L&D isn’t owned and encouraged by business partners, but by HR. Business partners may participate, but may not see the true value of L&D.
  3. Workshops rule: There is some self-directed eLearning, but workshops are king. It’s all about attendance to these workshops.

That’s Level I! Check out our next post as we talk about Level 2: An Enhanced Training Organization! 


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