Employee OnBoarding – The Journey Begins

By: Larry Mohl | Founder and CEO

Welcome Aboard!
Think back to a time when you started a new position in a new company. What was that experience like? How easy was it for you to come up to speed and start feeling productive? I have personally experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly of onboarding and I think it’s safe to say that great onboarding makes a huge difference. Companies we speak with on a daily basis see this difference in terms of increasing retention, reducing time to productivity, and making good on the proposition they sold during the hiring process. These companies are actively working to improve the depth and consistency of their onboarding process.

It’s All About the Journey
Happily, the practice of the one day orientation followed by a handshake and “Good luck!” is becoming less common. Best practice companies now think of onboarding as a journey of learning and engagement. In these companies, onboarding activities will be focused more intensely in the first 90 days with continuing activities across the first year of employment.

A Matter of Perspective
Successful onboarding exposes new employees to a set of perspectives and activities that accelerate a positive identity within the company, form trusted relationships, and experience early success. Of course, the most important relationship a new employee has is with their hiring manager and there are key activities both parties can participate in to jump start their success.

The following list outlines a set of perspectives new employees can be guided through on their onboarding journey that will help them to clarify, connect, and contribute.

Who are we as a company and what do we stand for? What do we offer, how are we organized, and how do we make money?

How can I take charge of my onboarding? What drives my engagement? What are my immediate learning needs? How do I want to present myself?

What is important to know about working with my manager? What is important for my manager to know about working with me? What early agreements can we make on how to best work together?

Who are my teammates? How does my role intersect with others? How does my department fit into the bigger picture? What are our collective goals?

Specific Role
What are my responsibilities and goals? How can I achieve some early wins? What resources do I have at my disposal? What relationships are key to my success?

What other new hires and first year employees can I tap into? What groups, experts, and mentors can I engage with?

We Can Help!
One of the biggest issues organizations face is how to scale a consistent onboarding experience that delivers the appropriate content AND drives high impact activities for BOTH new employees and their hiring managers. Jubi’s Learn-Do-Inspire Journey Model makes it easy to setup, deploy, and manage a modern onboarding process using already existing company content.

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