Gamification or Game-Based Learning? Is there a Difference?

If you want to take your learning and development to the next level, games can be a great way to do this. For a long time, games have been used in the eLearning world to help learners further engage with the content that’s in front of them.

A new phenomenon has come about in the learning world – gamification. Kind of a funny term, but the payoff can be great! There is a difference though between gamification and game-based learning. 

“Gamification and game-based learning can (and do) coexist harmoniously in the workplace. A November 2015 survey of LMS users and instructional designers by Capterra and TalentLMS found that gamification and learning games have widespread adoption, with 83 percent and 90 percent use, respectively. Although they are clearly different animals, each has value. Incorporate them both into your toolkit, if you are game.”

Check out the rest of this article from Learning Solutions Magazine and find out if gamification or game-based learning would work for your organization!

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