Top 5 Considerations When Choosing a Learning Platform

By: Terry Barber | Founder and Executive Chairman 

I spent 15+ years as a professional speaker, face to face with over a million people and I loved it. My audience was primarily high school students, college students and student leaders.

Five years into my career, I started playing around with creating video driven curriculum that could create passive income, the dream of every SME on the planet. It actually worked and served as a fantastic way of supporting my family and then some.

However, though my customers were very happy with the product, I would receive regular requests to help them gather quantitative data that would demonstrate a changed behavior. I tried surveys, pre and post-tests, even had gathered an extensive number of letters of endorsement but, it still would not satisfy the savvy administrator.

Fast forward 10 years and SME’s continue to struggle with this issue of demonstrating true transfer of knowledge to meaningful behavior change. At last count, there are some 500+ options of a content delivery system that are available to SME’s. If you are by chance one of those SME’s in the market for the right platform, that will help you generate passive income by scaling your content, here are my Top 5 Considerations:

  1. Will you be able to demonstrate to your customer that learning transferred into behavior change or that learning was actually connected to the key-performance-indicators of the company?

  2. Is the authoring suite capable of designing a modern-learning experience complete with: interactive questions, including a way to capture qualitative responses, award points that are transparent to all on a leader board, allow learners to level-up, and provide achievement badging?

  3. Can you organize cohorts to have an interactive relationship with their manager or allow for peer-to-peer coaching?

  4. Can you white-label your program so your customers can insert their brand into the program?

  5. Is the appearance and experience stunning versus feeling educational or institutional?

More and more, today’s learning platforms are built with features 2 – 5, but, the one that will cause your program to stand out above all others is number 1, a demonstration of learning being transferred to meaningful behavior change.

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