FAQ Series | Part I

Just about every company has a FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions section on their website. You may or may not glance through it, but it may have some valuable information that you didn’t realize was there.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be spotlighting different questions, that we often receive, so that we can share more information with you and help you along the modern learning journey!

How does a user access Jubi?
You may be curious how you or your team would even get onto the platform itself. First, Jubi is a cloud-based platform, meaning it is hosted and accessed through the internet. It is simply accessed through any computer, tablet, or mobile device! Which leads to our next question…

Is Jubi mobile ready?
One of the most important pieces to our company, is making learning accessible, anywhere at anytime! Jubi is automatically ready to be mobile and can be accessed from any device. The technology behind the platform actually recognizes the screen size of the device and optimizes the experience for the user based on their device.

Does Jubi provide training?
Absolutely! We will be with you every step of the way as you begin your modern learning journey. Training is offered for both content authors and administrators. We will give you all the tools to be successful with the platform.

We hope this can offer some practical help and knowledge, on Jubi, as well as the modern learning model we love! Check back next week for more FAQ and Answers!

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