Engagement Challenges? Meet Your Solutions.

Engagement is the greatest goal of any learning platform or training development program. It can also feel like the most illusive goal to achieve. You want your team completely engaged in your organization’s learning and training, but so many times, this is just not the case.

So, why is this? What are some of the primary challenges that contribute to less than ideal engagement from your team? Here’s a few that we’ve discovered over the years:

  • No Application
  • Not Sustainable
  • Not Measurable
  • No Time
  • Not Seamless 
  • Not LMS Compatible 

Do any of these sound familiar? Have you had some of these same sort of issues and challenges with your organization and team? We understand, because we’ve been there too! It can be really frustrating when you aren’t sure what else to try. That’s why we’ve created solutions to each of these six challenges within the Jubi platform.

Application —> The Learn. Do. Inspire. structure of Jubi, drives application, behavior change and improves performance.

Sustainability —> Learners can continue to learn more and put into practice what they’ve learned in the classroom and in workshops, creating a blended learning journey, that can last for the long haul!

Measurable —> Providing in depth data on what learners are engaging with and what that learning is being applied to. Activities can also be matched to business KPI’s, so you can see the impact of the material on business drivers.

Time —> Micro-learning and Mobile learning allows a team member to learn on the go and wherever they need to complete quests.

Seamlessness —> All of the tools of the platform integrate perfectly together to create a seamless learning experience.

LMS Compatible —> As a cloud based platform, it’s simple to create integration with your LMS.

Ready to start your modern learning journey? Want to learn more about micro-learning?  Want to know more about how we can help overcome your biggest learning challenges? Schedule a time to talk with us – no obligation, just great information! 

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