Learn. Do. Inspire. | Part III

Welcome to the conclusion of our Learn. Do. Inspire. Series!

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve discussed the different parts that make up the Jubi way of learning. We’ve talked about the learning aspect as well doing. Today, we’re talking about inspiration!

We’ve been in training and development in various industries for a long time. One thing we always felt was missing was the inspiration. We can encourage people to learn, we can require it and even give incentives for it, but the way we’ve actually seen better performance and higher achieving organizations, is when a learner is actually inspired.

When someone is inspired to learn, they don’t just feel like it’s required, but it’s something that they WANT to do because they actually WANT to get better at their job. Inspiring people, goes much farther than any other tactic to get someone to do something. No matter what it is, if you can inspire someone to see the value and reward of what they’re doing, they’ll actually want to do it!

So, how do we help inspire within our platform? Through social features built right into the Jubi platform:

  • Manager and buddy support — So learners can talk to each other and you can talk to them as well!
  • Discussion boards — Learners can discuss challenges or triumphs within certain quests as well as discussing the content further.
  • Encouragements — These can be sent from the manager in the program or from other learners.
  • Achievement points, badges, and leader boards — These are earned through the completion of quests and can be viewed on the leader board. This creates a healthy sense of competition amongst learners.

There’s so many ways to inspire the members of your organization to learn and grow. The most important part though – make sure you’re inspiring them! Whatever way you choose to do this, make sure this is a part of your learning model.

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