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For a long time, the most widely used delivery method for content and training, was through ILT or Instructor Led Training.

ILT is a good method and has an important place in the learning community. But, maybe you feel like it’s time for a change in your organization. Maybe your organization has had budget cuts and you need to be able to save money in this area. Maybe you feel like this type of learning isn’t fitting the scale of everything you really need to accomplish in your training.

eLearning as a whole helps to tackle so many of these issues and more. Asha Pandey recently wrote for and said this: “Is instructor-led training (ILT) dying? No, ILT isn’t dying. But there sure has been an increase in large-scale conversions of ILT materials to online learning. While a lot of this is triggered by challenges on training budgets, I believe it also provides an opportunity to relook at the traditional format and enhance the training delivery.”

This isn’t a bad thing at all, but an opportunity to improve your training methods and use the latest trends to do so!

You can read more about the benefits for businesses and learners with online content here.

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