Learn. Do. Inspire. | Part II

Welcome to Part II of the Learn. Do. Inspire Series!

Today, we’re talking about why DOING actually leads to better learning!

We all know, that putting what we’ve learned into practice, is the only way that it really sticks. But, if we simply have people “DO” activities that don’t effect their real life, it tends to go out the window.

At Jubi, the “DO” portion of our method refers to actually having learners complete to-do’s and challenges that are put into the context of their everyday job. This way, what they’re learning, actually improves their performance! Ultimately, this makes a stronger, healthier, and better performing organization.

Another point that is crucial in the “DOING” stage – Make it fun!

Gamification is a huge part of our platform. We want learners to actually enjoy the process, because if they do, they’re far more likely to absorb the content and therefore perform better! 

Not only is making it fun important, but make it a challenge! On our platform, learners can actually earn points in different challenges, games, and activities.

Finally – Make it social!

In each quest, there are discussion forums where learners can talk about the challenge and what they’re learning. They can ask questions and receive help and feedback from their fellow co-workers and learners. This leads to more engagement with the material, because everyone is in it together.

Learn…Do…up next… Inspire! Check out the third installment of our series to understand the full process of learning, here at Jubi!

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