Design Matters

Learning Solutions Magazine recently put out a great article on WHY Micro-Learning is so efficient and worthwhile for learning:

  • It’s less expensive to create than long, complex eLearning courses and often takes far less time.
  • Learners gain control over their time and schedule when they can complete eLearning in short bursts whenever they have time, rather than having to set aside a half-day or longer.
  • The brevity of micro-learning forces a narrower focus, which can eliminate extraneous information.
  • Much micro-learning is highly portable—accessible on a variety of devices—meaning that learners can take it with them and are not tied to desktop or even laptop computers. 

The key to success with portable micro-learning, though, is a well designed learning experience. Appearance and design matter a lot. This is what enables a clear connection to the content that is put in front of learners. This concept is really important to us, here at Jubi as well, and is a big reason that we started in the first place – to give you an easy platform, where you can create a custom, well designed, and appealing, learning experience for your organization.

You can read more about the importance of well designed micro-learning experiences over on Learning Solutions Magazine. 

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