The Road to Modern Learning | Larry’s Story

My name is Larry Mohl. Like you, I have been working to develop leaders and employees in a way that creates value for them and impact for my company. I’d like to share my journey and where it has taken me, as well as hearing your story – your aspirations and frustrations. Let’s go on a journey of Modern Learning together!

I have found my career in Learning and Development to be extremely rewarding. My formal education and early career life was in technology. However, I found that I enjoyed working more with people than with things.

I have served as the CLO for several respected organizations and was given the opportunity to improve those companies through the development of our people. I helped define, design, and deploy thousands of hours of learning to thousands of individuals, but I was still troubled and frustrated by one stubborn fact.

In spite of all the time, money, and energy, we were spending, I just didn’t know if we were having a real impact.

Were our people applying what they were learning? Were our people and the organization truly improving? How could I tell? Is it all worth it?

How about you? Have you also been frustrated with the inability to show the impact of learning and development in your company?

Fortunately, I was able to convert my frustration into a true curiosity about how to create more impact. I became a student of high impact design and delivery techniques as well as evaluation and measurement methods.

I created a learning process model that drives behavior change.

This model includes methods for how to design and deliver content, surround learners with the right environment, and evaluate the process and outcomes.

Guess what? It worked!

I began to see organizational ownership of learning and development improve. In addition, I had success in demonstrating more impact for my company.

A very smart person once told me that success leads to an understanding of the next big challenge for those who are curious. This was definitely true for me.

The next challenge was that of scale. The model I created worked, but it was limited in the numbers of people we could affect. It just didn’t scale easily across larger populations and geographies.

How about you? Have you been able to put the pieces together to create more impact? Have you found it challenging to scale your success formula?

Given my technology background, I was an early adopter of all things learning tech.

Learning management systems, eLearning modules, performance support tools, discussion forums, virtual classrooms, computer simulations, and games all had a place in my bag of tricks.

While these tools certainly helped drive scale, effectiveness in terms of driving more consistent on-the-job application was lack luster at best.

The formula for success involves designing “learning as a process” that includes learning and doing over time in a supportive and accountable social environment. Bringing this formula to life requires an integrated set of technologies that drive scale and effectiveness.

Armed with duct tape and glue, I set out to pull together technologies to support my new success formula. While I achieved some gains, it came at too high a cost in terms of software integration and multiple vendor management.

How about you? Have you tried to integrate technologies in search of delivering a more robust and impactful learning process?

After leaving my corporate CLO role, my journey to create and drive significant learning impact at scale continued.

During this time, I met my business partner, Terry Barber.

Terry saw the world from the perspective of an author and trainer yearning to know that his content was making a real difference. In addition, he was conducting groundbreaking research on creating inspiring workplace cultures.

Together, we have combined our shared philosophies, methods, and principles to drive an industry-wide shift toward what we call, “Modern Learning”.

Modern Learning starts with a mindset. This mindset honors what our experience tells us is truly required to develop new skills and abilities. This mindset simply states that human development requires a process of learning and doing over time, supported by trusted relationships.

In order to make the delivery of Modern Learning practical, we developed a framework called “Learn-Do-Inspire”. This innovative framework is implemented in our platform called Jubi.

Jubi integrates the methods and technologies required to create a learning process that drives behavior change at scale.

Modern Learning Organizations are marked by several key characteristics:

  • Demonstrate the impact of learning and development on business key performance indicators instead of being loosely tied or “aligned” to business goals.
  • Conceive and deliver learning and development as a process of learning and doing over time rather than an event.
  • Focus on creating the right “engagement and performance environment” instead of endless cycles of content creation.
  • Integrate progress and effectiveness indicators throughout the experience, not just after the fact, to optimize the experience “in-flight”.
  • Meet the demands of the Modern Learner through solutions that feature micro-content and collaboration, delivered on-demand through mobile devices.

Jubi implements our methodology through software. Jubi is short for jubilant, which represents the essence of how we think development could and should feel.

Jubi is a cloud-based engagement platform that was specifically designed to deliver Modern Learning for those situations where true behavior change, performance, and productivity improvement is a must.

I would love to have you join the community of pioneers that is seeking to transform our industry and bring Modern Learning to life in their organizations.

Ready to start your modern learning journey? Want to learn more about micro-learning?  Download our free resource – The Shift to Modern Learning.

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Larry Mohl 
Former Chief Learning Officer for Motorola Cellular, The American Express Company, and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Larry has developed innovative approaches to leadership development, knowledge communities, and integrated talent management. He has been a pioneer in the use of digital learning technologies and is a domain expert and thought-leader in corporate learning and performance improvement.

learn. do. inspire.

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