Encouragement in the Workplace: The Oxygen Your Team Needs

In a recent study conducted by MSW Research, 1500 team members were studied and questioned about their engagement in the workplace. The most influential factor they found…? The RELATIONSHIP between a manager and their direct reports. The reality is, so many organizations are spending countless hours and resources in order to create an incredible culture and working relationship within their teams. While, this isn’t a bad thing, the most fundamental piece of a healthy relationship between team leaders and members is totally free. It’s encouragement in the workplace. 

Encouragement is oxygen that your team needs. Encouragement creates a healthy and engaging work environment, because people actually want to be there! People actually breathe easier, because they know their leader is going to be there for them and encourage them along the way.  Here’s a few reasons why we believe this concept is so crucial for your organization:

  • People want to be known: No one wants to just be another face in the crowd or that team member whose leader doesn’t even know their name. Attempt to genuinely know your direct reports.  Can you say you know their strengths, their frustrations, and even their professional aspirations.  Learn these things about your team and you’re well on your way to be an encouraging and engaging leader.
  • Encouragement relieves stress: A driven and maybe even stressful environment is not necessarily bad for your work. Positive stress can even be a good thing. What isn’t good, is to have an extremely stressful situation, without any encouragement behind it. It will cause people to feel like they’re drowning.
  • Big pay off: Encouragement leads to 10x the return on effort. When you’re an encouraging leader, people are inspired stay and work a little overtime or go the extra mile for the team. A leader who encourages and strengthens the team, will see a big and rewarding pay off.

So how do you release this much needed oxygen into your culture and cause people to feel encouraged? 

  1. Express appreciation: Pull a team member to the side and just say thank you for your contribution of extra hours, hard work on a certain project, or praising their creativity on something. Be specific!
  2. Write a note: In this digital age, hand-written notes truly  impact people when they consider you actually took the time to write to them.
  3. Publicly acknowledge team members: When you have a team member who’s done something great. Celebrate them in public!

Encouragement is a powerful force that can largely contribute to creating a high performing culture. This is why we’ve embedded the act of encouragement, into the learning journey, on the Jubi platform. Whether you are online or offline, go be the most encouraging person you know today!

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