3 Reasons You Are Wasting Money On Training Content

US companies spend around $165 billion every year on training and development. We also know that only around 15 – 20% of the content delivered gets transferred to the workplace.

That’s an 80% gap in learning transfer and a lot of wasted resources. Your content may be incredible, but if you’re not seeing the results you want, it may not be the training content, but the platform that is delivering that content!

Over years of working with top companies, we’ve learned that content alone is not enough. It’s only a part of the equation. What you need, as a leader, is a way to deliver that content in an effective way that will not only be absorbed by your employees, but will ultimately show growth in your business. Learning has the ability to be so much more than we have thought about it for years. It actually has the power to change the course of the direction of your organization!

Here’s some top Learning Fails you may be able to relate to and some solutions we have that we believe can help YOU!


Feel like you’re putting out great training content with no results? Our Learn. Do. Inspire. style of learning is what helps create behavior change and improve an employee’s performance. An employee needs to take in and LEARN the information, then actually DO a task or assignment to fully absorb the content, and then be INSPIRED by the final piece to continue the learning cycle.


Do you ever wonder if the learning and development system you have in place actually helps your business? Feel like it’s just there and you have no idea if it’s actually working? Part of the Jubi model includes on-the-job activities that a user must complete. This creates data we share with you to see how learning is directly effecting on-the-job performance. We can also connect business KPIs to these activities, enabling a view of impact on business drivers.


If you’re the leader of the learning and development division of your organization, you may feel like you don’t have a lot of support from your senior leadership. They love numbers and they want to see how learning is directly affecting the business. We understand wanting to see if learning is a worthy investment and we want to help you prove that! We can provide senior leaders key data about the level of engagement, progress, and impact being made in any program. You can also get your senior leadership involved in the process! The can provide their own video content as well as asking their own questions to the team. This is a great way to get buy in from your leadership and show them why investing in learning is so vital!


Ready to start your modern learning journey? Want to learn more about micro-learning?  Download our free resource – The Shift to Modern Learning.

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