Top 10 Trends for eLearning in 2017

Staying on trend and up to date in the learning and development industry is crucial!

We recently came across a great article from eLearning Industry about the Top 10 Trends for eLearning this year. We’re proud to say Jubi fulfills almost every one of them already!

Here are a few of our favorites!

Better Use of Data: We believe in using analytics to actually see behavior change and not just check out numbers. You can learn more about this from our founder and CEO, Larry Mohl here.
  • Video, Video, Video: This is huge! Video can do so much more than written text. It’s more engaging for the user and you’re able to deliver content much faster!
  • Micro-learning: We believe whole heartedly in this method of learning transfer and it’s here to stay!
  • Mobile-learning: This is another learning transfer model that we offer and believe will only grow into the future. We do everything on our phones these days. Why not learn and train better on the go as well?
Here’s to the rest of 2017 and making modern learning even better!
You can read more on the Top 10 Trends for eLearning in 2017, from eLearning Industry, here!

Ready to start your modern learning journey? Want to learn more about micro-learning?  Download our free resource – The Shift to Modern Learning.

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