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Tracking Employee Training - Ways To Measure Impact Of Training

Tracking employee training is something that every manager has to have in their repertoire. With the average employee costing nearly $1,200 dollars to train, your business can't afford not to know if this money is being spent effectively. So here are some methods to better monitor the effectiveness of your training program.

Even if you saw success in the nascent stages of your employee training program, repetition can breed complacence. Your employee training program must grow to reflect your results and any changes in your organization's structure. When you are looking to make changes to your employee training, you should have a clear goal in mind – what results do you want to see from the training? Identifying this can help you to measure how successful training has been in achieving this goal. Another way of capturing data about your training is via one-on-one conversations with your employees. Or, if you're concerned whether or not your employees are being honest enough about their true feelings on training, you can issue them surveys that they can hand in anonymously. Never underestimate what your employees think about training – after all, they will often know what their job role needs better than you; and will know what is a waste of time. However, another way to capture data is by changing the way your training is delivered. When utilizing employee engagement software, such as eLearning platforms, you can also get employee training tracking software to help measure results with data.

At Jubi, Inc., we know all about this – our experienced team have put together a terrific social platform that encourages micro-learning in a fun and competitive game-like environment. And tracking employee training has never been easier via our easy-to-use dashboard. To schedule your demo today, visit http://www.getjubi.com/ or call 678-427-1107.