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Track Employee Training Effectively With The Right Software

Track employee training is something that so many leaders want to do effectively. After all, meta results may be hard to spot right away – so tools and techniques that can help us to identify the strengths of a training program are certainly most welcome.

And given that the average cost of training an employee is $1,195, poor development can be costly to correct. It's important to get your employee training right first time. Recently, more companies have utilized e-learning – with some further making use of employee engagement software of some kind to help with tracking the effectiveness of their training. However, this still featured all the historical employee training problems – it was still focused on multiple choice questions and short-term retention of information. This, of course, will do nothing for your business and is more reminiscent of a child studying to pass an exam – it's not for the sake of learning, it's for the sake of passing. So there are a few ways you can measure effectiveness of training to avoid this pitfall. And one of the big ways to do this is not by telling, but by showing. This can be done via 'social ownership' which helps empower your employees to learn by teaching; and vice versa. Actually performing a skill assessment of a practical task before and after the learning process can help an employee demonstrate results too. And even modern technology can aid in this tracking process. An employee can actually upload a photo or video via their smartphone as evidence of learning. This can be then compiled into employee training tracking software.

And at Jubi, Inc., our software is built with all of this in mind – giving you the ability to track employee training with ease. We're taking e-learning to the next level – literally – by introducing elements of gaming in order to create a reason for employees to learn. To test out our all-inclusive software package and tracking, please visit http://www.getjubi.com/ or call us on 678-427-1107.