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Software To Track Employee Training - How To Make It Work For Your Business

Software to track employee training is what a lot of companies use today. That's because most businesses work with a fragmented workforce on different shifts – so how do you get everyone's schedule to match in order to provide one training session? You don't need to, if you utilize multimedia training that is accessible from anywhere.

Despite this, however, you'll find that this method of training comes loaded with the same problems that arise from physical training – that it can be hard to work out how effective the training really is to your employees. But eLearning also comes with advantages – there are tools to help you see how individual employees are using the training through data and analytics. This employee training tracking software allows you to identify who is lagging behind in training. This isn't necessarily because the employee isn't trying; it may just be because they feel as if they are lacking the time. This data allows you to approach the employee and offer a training schedule that is personalized and appropriate to their job – as opposed to making them feel as if they need to catch up. But analytics can also allow you to identify possible leaders and champions of your business – those who are quite far ahead of the curve when it comes to your employee engagement software and their training. Depending on your industry, it also gives you hard proof that you have been educating employees to meet statutory compliance regulations.

With Jubi, Inc., you can take this one step further – you can make training fun. Our software 'gamifies' learning – sending employees on 'quests', giving employees 'points' for completing quests and having leaderboards for those with the most points. It's a great way to foster healthy competition and engagement amongst employees. And we also offer software to track employee training as part of the package. To try out a demo of Jubi, visit http://www.getjubi.com/ or call us on 678-427-1107.