Social Platform Software – Video Micro-Learning

Social Platform SoftwareSocial platform software is important when it comes to the employee learning process. For a long time, engagement with employees has been poor within the corporate world. And a big part of that reason is because many employers have failed to engage their employees in the learning process – causing disconnect amongst the workforce.

However, the corporate world is finally taking note and addressing this issue via new training methods that are far more suited to today’s multimedia platforms. E-learning lessons that take five continuous hours to complete are out; and five-minute instructional videos are in. While this may seem too rapid a change or too reductionist to some, the reality is that training has been out-of-touch with society for a long time. With most employees in the corporate world owning smartphones, it makes sense to build a social learning platform with such a platform in mind. Since much of our smartphone experience comes from going on social media websites or quickly digesting short blasts of content, videos, images and audio, it makes sense to replicate this experience in employee learning programs. And video in particular has become a great format for learning. Go on YouTube, for example, and look for a to-do video. Chances are it’ll be five minutes long, feature an audio/text description of on-screen events and will actively (and literally) show how to do something. The engagement here is off the charts. Someone who, for example, had never tried to learn a magic trick until five minutes ago, can suddenly perform magic. So why not build your learning and employee engagement software to suit these trends?

Your employees are likely to be crying out for training content that is directly relevant to their everyday work. And, thankfully, our team at Jubi, Inc. have heard that call. Jubi, our learning social platform software, has been built with employee engagement and recognition in mind. Visit or call us on 678-427-1107 to schedule a demo.

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