Social Learning Tools – What Are They?

Social Learning ToolsSocial learning tools have become an important part of modern employee training. Despite that, many organizations still don’t really know what social learning is and what these tools can provide. In this article, we’re going to explain the basic principles of social learning and why you should consider switching to this method of employee training.

Social learning software and tools make use of social learning platform software and even the likes of social media to create an engaging learning environment between systems and people. This, in turn, allows for education to be far-reaching and more suited to today’s way of consuming media and information. Even social media websites like Facebook and Twitter can be considered social learning platforms due to the sharing of information between individuals across the world. So social learning isn’t just a formalized method of corporate training; it happens all around us. And given that so many people have become used to these tools and apps that push forward social learning, it makes sense that organizations should incorporate elements of these tools and platforms into their training programs. These social learning environments are created across an organization’s departments via tools specifically created to foster such a collaborative learning environment. For an organization, this form of training can also save money over traditional forms of training if you use the right employee engagement software. This software removes the need for costly training exercises and learning can, instead, take place wherever your employees are located.

So what social learning tools do you need for your organization? Well, we think we’ve got the tool for you. At Jubi, Inc., we have developed our product with social learning in mind. Combining collaboration, micro-learning with a fun gaming experience, your employees will love learning with Jubi. For more information, go to

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