Social Learning Technology Is Changing The Way Employees Are Learning

Social Learning TechnologySocial learning technology is driving forward employee learning and training in the modern era. Some of these methods are new, innovative and make full use of today’s technological advancements. However, others are very old employee training techniques that have been re-discovered or are gaining traction because of today’s societal changes and expectations.

Irrespective of the methods employed, employee training is undoubtedly changing. So when it comes to mapping out new employee training programs and strategies for your organizations, you need to work out what will suit your company’s ethos, what is achievable and what you want from your programs. To help, there are a number of trends you should definitely watch out for. One is micro-learning. This delivers employee learning in small chunks of five minutes. This method of learning is not new, but has come back into common usage because of widespread smartphone penetration. Modern micro-learning need not be text-based either; it can also utilize images, video and audio which, of course, can be played on smartphones with ease. This method has gained serious traction internationally and across all industries. But we’re also starting to see employee engagement software that makes use of the ‘gamification’ process too. This sees elements of gaming and video gaming utilized to make employee learning a more engaging and fun experience. This is done by using the techniques employed by game designers – such as introducing stories, feedback that is immediate and the possibility of failure. Many large organizations are now opening their eyes to the possibility of gamifying their employee learning programs by using a good social learning platform.

At Jubi, Inc., we’ve utilized social learning technology to build a platform that is collaborative, that makes use of gamification and also employs the principles of micro-learning to make an unbeatable employee learning platform. To schedule a demo today, visit

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