Social Learning Software – Making Gamification Work For Your Organization

static1-squarespace-9Social learning software has come to life over the past few years in the corporate world. And at the heart of this has been micro-learning and ‘gamification’ to suit our smartphone and mobile societal obsessions with having bite-sized content and information. As such, there has never been a better time to gamify your employee learning programs.

It’s easy to think that you just need to slap on gamification or micro-learning to your current training programs without much thought. However, the reality is that you need to develop or procure a brand new social learning platform from which all employee learning is done – especially when it comes to gamification. When you ‘gamify’ learning content, you need to do so with purpose. Gamifying isn’t just about making learning ‘fun’; it’s about engagement with your employees. Gaming isn’t popular today because of games like Pong, it’s popular because games have a certain level of depth and progression – such as getting to the next level, unlocking new elements and experiencing some sort of story arc. So gamifying isn’t just about fun or playing an actual video game, it’s about taking the principles of gaming and applying it to learning and employee engagement software. That doesn’t mean that isn’t entertaining too, but that it’s not the only defining characteristic. Gamification has been shown to create a better learning experience for its users – with engagement remaining high across these learning platforms. It also suits the schedules of employees as well. No need for them to be pulled into hour-long lecturers when they have a deadline to meet; they can access the learning experience when they’ve got a free five minutes.

At Jubi, Inc., we’ve created social learning software that merges the best elements of gamification with the principles of micro-learning to create a fully engaging employee learning experience. To sample our platform, visit, or call us on 678-427-1107 today.

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