Social Learning Platforms Combined With Micro-Learning Equals Success

Social Learning Platforms Social learning platforms are helping to change the employee learning landscape worldwide. With mobile technology and social media combining to create a demand for shorter and snappier content, it’s only natural that employee trainers should want to follow this formula to engage their employee base.

And a big part of this strategy is employee micro-learning. The employee eLearning market has changed dramatically over the past five years – with the focus, slowly but surely, shifting to mLearning (mobile learning). While people do want to learn new skills, they feel as if their hectic schedules are getting in the way. The solution? Creating five-minute modules that someone can do on the way home from work or during a break. This type of employee learning has proven to be incredibly successful and, yes, that success can be transferred to the workplace. Employees are being pushed more than ever to multi-task and handle more varied assignments. But with time being stretched in such a manner, how is it possible for employees to fit in traditional learning? The solution is, of course, micro-learning. If micro-learning is working for people looking to develop new hobbies, why can’t it work within employee learning programs? With companies desperate to increase engagement through the usage of employee engagement software, there’s a terrific opportunity to build learning around your employees to help them re-engage with their job and your organization. So by finding the right social learning platform and building a training program based on micro-learning, you can achieve better results and higher employee engagement.

So, what social learning platforms should you use to develop your new employee training program on? Well, you needn’t look far. Our team at Jubi, Inc. used their industry-expertise – plus time and effort – to put together the perfect learning platform for your employees. Want to know more? Then visit or call 678-427-1107 today.

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