Social Learning Apps Theory – Implementing Training Strategies With The Right Software

Startup Stock Photos Social learning apps have become incredibly popular in today’s world – thanks mainly to the uptake of smartphones. As people, we’re looking for more ways to connect with one another; but, at the same time, we’re also looking for information that is shorter and snappier.

This process has been facilitated by the likes of apps and even social media platforms. In essence, social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook could be categorized under the ‘social learning platform‘ umbrella, because information and knowledge is often shared and consumed alongside peers, friends, acquaintances and family members. But a lot of this information could be considered redundant and forgettable. You certainly don’t want any of your employee training material to feel like that! So that’s why there is speciality social learning employee engagement software. This comes with the benefits of learning management systems – where you can track employee progress on a particular course or training program – while featuring many elements from social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter (such as profiles, direct communication, collaboration and so on). This type of platform comes with the benefit of creating a sense of familiarity in the user. With the majority of your staff now, no doubt, being millennials, this generation feels more comfortable with learning on apps and responsive websites; as opposed to learning from tutorials or via 100-page PDFs. And by including social features to allow for communication and comparison of training progress between members of your employee base, there’s a chance for healthy competition to arise – increasing the engagement capabilities of such a platform.

We believe these kind of things drive engagement, which is why our team at Jubi, Inc. has ‘gamified’ our learning platforms. Unlike many other social learning apps, we make learning a fun, engaging and competitive experience for your employee base. But don’t just take our word for it; schedule a demo of Jubi at to find out for yourself. And if you’d like to talk to us directly, you can call 678-427-1107.

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