Social eLearning – Introduce Gamification Concepts Into Your Employee Training Programs

Social Elearning // Karolina Social eLearning is, by far, the most popular form of the eLearning concept today. While previously we were amazed that we could perform distance learning on desktop computers, today we want a learning experience more suited to our lifestyles and smartphone culture.

One type of social learning platform that has been born out of this need is the process of gamified learning. This isn’t necessarily about creating a video game that your employees learn on; instead, it’s all about taking the mechanics that make these games engaging and applying them to the learning process to make employee engagement software. So, no, it isn’t about suddenly giving your employees a PlayStation, an Xbox controller or an Atari joystick for gaming sessions. Rather, it’s about developing learning content that your employee base will enjoy and feel engaged by; and where each employee will experience recognition for their progression through the training content. For example, games have levels. When a user completes the level, they generally move onto the next – a similar, but slightly harder experience – and so on, and so forth. This is done to make players familiar with the game mechanics that they can use and manipulate in order to ‘beat’ the level – which brings about a sense of achievement in the player. So why not develop employee learning platforms with the same principles in mind? Start your employees out on level 1 (or 1-1 if you’re a Super Mario fan), familiarize them with behaviors and workplace concepts that you expect them to learn, and then slowly but surely, increase the difficulty of their training content.

And that is just one aspect of gamification that can reap results. There are many intricacies to this training method. At Jubi, Inc., we’ve really worked hard to develop a gamified social eLearning platform that is suited to the needs and wants of today’s employee base. To schedule a demo of Jubi, please visit

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