Social E-Learning To Gamified Micro-Learning – Why You Should Make The Change Today

Social E-Learning Social e-learning has become more recognized as a viable way of increasing engagement during the learning process. However, despite this, many organizations are still fixated in providing outdated e-learning content that is leaving their workforce feeling as engaged as, well, zombies.

However, there are ways to drive engagement other than via traditional e-learning methods. Social learning platform technology – even sites such as Twitter and Facebook – have been shown to drive educational engagement. However, what you want is a dedicated platform to help build employee engagement. One method of training that is growing in popularity within the corporate sphere is the gamification of the employee learning process. Studies have shown that gamification provides better performance than traditional e-learning approaches. It was also found that attitudes towards training were changed by the shift too. This is extremely helpful as a way of driving engagement. Many employees have been left very much ‘turned off’ by corporate e-learning courses. It has been estimated that employees retain just 10% of the content they learned from these traditional courses after the first year – which makes approximately 90% of your training ineffectual. However, gamification – when combined with micro-learning – can completely alter this statistic. That’s because learning modules are broken down and delivered in small five-minute long bite-sized chunks. And the modules will focus on skills that can be applied by the employee in their everyday workplace. This allows employees to better retain the information by utilizing it into their workplace behaviors right away. Sounds good, right? But where can you find such learning employee engagement software?

Well, we’re glad to say that you need not look too far – because our team at Jubi, Inc. is here to help! Our platform takes the best of social e-learning, micro-learning and gamification to create a truly engaging and fun learning experience for your employees. Interested in learning more? Then call 678-427-1107 or visit to schedule your demo today!

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