Social Collaborative Learning Through Gamification

Social Collaborative Learning Social collaborative learning through gamification is becoming the new buzz for HR departments in major corporations worldwide. There’s a lot of excitement because of the employee engagement, recognition and tracking data capabilities that this platform can provide. But what is gamification all about? And why is it so effective?

Well, gamification motivates employees during the learning process by taking elements of video game design and applying them to real-life case studies or scenarios that help engage your employee in positive corporate behaviors. It should be noted that it is NOT the same as learning from a video game; instead, it takes elements from gaming such as story, interaction, collaboration and competitiveness and applies them to the learning environment. So, for example, instead of employees learning apart from each other in hour-long training modules, instead they collaborate with one another to perform a ‘quest’ that earns them points. These points could help them ‘level up’, move up a company-wide leaderboard or earn some sort of reward from your organization. In that sense, it is comparable with the games used to attract customers to shop at a particular outlet. However, gamification of the employee learning process via employee engagement software is a relatively new idea. Previously, organizations would focus on rewarding or recognizing their loyal customers, but not necessarily their loyal employees. This shift is indicative of the importance that the corporate world is placing on its number one asset – the staff. And gamification has received a general thumbs-up from employees. So how do you integrate this dynamic, modern social learning platform in your organization?

Well, we’re glad to announce that you’re in the right place! At Jubi, Inc., we’ve put together a tool that combines social collaborative learning with the gamification process to make a learning platform that your employees will love. Not just because it’s engaging, but also because it’s fun! To find out more or schedule your demo of Jubi today, head to our website ( or call 678-427-1107.

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