Social Learning Platform – The Benefits Of Creating A Social Learning Strategy

Social Learning Platforms

Social learning platform: this is a phrase that is increasingly being bandied around the corporate world at the moment. Indeed, it’s a necessary aspect of corporate training and employee engagement nowadays. There are many facets to employee engagement, but the social learning aspect is an important one. The days of uneconomic and largely ineffective face-to-face training sessions are long gone; but the need to develop staff and motivate them to new levels remains. Employee engagement software that incorporates social learning is the answer. But how do the opportunities offered by social learning help businesses grow and achieve more?

Why Use Employee Engagement Software Socially?

As with the gamification of corporate training, introducing a social learning platform for employee engagement is a sure fire way of guaranteeing a participatory workforce. So much of our time is spent on social media, and its use is now the primary method of communication and information acquisition. In fact, not introducing a social element into employee engagement platform would be a fairly unintuitive thing to do in the 21st century. Humans are by nature social animals, and social media has guaranteed a blossoming and cultivation of these tendencies. To introduce social learning technology into methods of employee engagement taps into the same source of interest and enthusiasm that the big social media platforms take advantage of. If you already have employee engagement software in place, you should consider the current state of your learning strategy. Is there much social learning involved in the strategy, and if not, to what extent do you want to integrate it? If you have a completely solitary training program, stuck in the days of training videos and multiple choice quizzes, then you should be aiming for a complete re-haul of your program. Solitary learning is anathema to employee engagement. Better to invest in a platform that allows discussion, shared resources and references, and participatory problem solving. Instigate lively and interactive forum boards for better cross-silo working. Social e-learning means that employees can interact and learn from each other, using a method that they have become accustomed to in their everyday lives; and then translate that into effective action and solutions to workplace problems on the ground.

Group Collaboration Using Social Learning Tools

When it comes to social learning tools, the name of the game is group collaboration. Your number one goal is to get your employees sharing and learning through and with their peers. You simply spark the discussion and if you so choose, you can simply sit back and let it run its course. Of course, more engaged managers will ask further questions to encourage interaction, or to introduce further problems that can be solved collectively. Rather than having to update a static learning course, managers can also interact more incrementally on the employee engagement platform they have chosen. Fresh content can be uploaded as and when desirable and the learning process through social learning platforms becomes interactive in real time. When your employees work together to solve a problem, they are more likely to recall and remember the training they have received. That practically-based recall beats question-and-answer style recall is an established fact of the learning industry. Learning in a social environment, through collaboration and through the experience of peers, is a more efficient and more effective way to learn. It’s also more individually rewarding for the team members involved, especially when game mechanics such as points, badges and leaderboards are incorporated. Many companies use established social media sites for social learning experiences, but a custom made platform can often work better. Here, you can consolidate all the aspects of corporate training and employee engagement and track progress in real time, and all under your own corporate branding. For an excellent example of such a platform, look at Jubi, Inc.

Jubi, Inc. Brings You A Fantastic Social Learning Platform

With Jubi, Inc., you receive employee engagement software from veterans in the corporate training industry. We simply wanted to scale the experience and the knowledge we have, and bring it into the digital age. Jubi can inspire real behavioral change and engage employees on an unprecedented level. Our model encourages employees to learn, do, inspire and perform. And of course, the social learning platform is a big part of this. Using our network section, discussion sections and leader boards, employees can interact with and learn from each other. Schedule a demo at your convenience at Feel free to call us on 678-427-1107 if you have any questions.

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