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Sales Training Software - Micro-Learning Is The Way Forward

Sales training software is important to get right for so many reasons. Since your business is primarily built on sales, you need your employees to be operating at the highest level possible. And this is primarily done through great training. But with today's attention spans, according to Microsoft, dropping as low as 8 seconds – 1 second lower than a goldfish – traditional training is in trouble.

Many years ago, that figure was very much in the minutes. But with employee attention spans dropping so rapidly, one has to question the sense of why so many businesses continue to rely on hour-long employee training sessions. Training should never be set in stone; it should always be constantly evolving alongside technological advancements, new knowledge, changing regulations, societal shifts and the fortunes of your organization. In particular, mobile technology – and the advent of mobile internet – has changed the way our brains are wired and the way that we consume information. This, in turn, has a big effect on how your organization should be approaching employee training: it should be tapping into shorter training sessions delivered via mobile screens. Fortunately, there is white-label corporate training software out there that has a track record of great clients. This employee engagement software is important – by focusing on harnessing the attention of your employees, you are getting more out of them and delivering training in the manner in which they want it delivered. When it comes to employee sales training, this is very important – it means your workforce spends less time training and more time making sales.

So now is the time to step into the future of employee training. At Jubi, Inc., our software is well-placed to support sales teams. Our sales training software platform 'gamifies' learning by introducing leaderboards, which makes those who participate competitive with their fellow employees; making it a great motivator for sales teams. To try it out today, simply head to http://www.getjubi.com/ or call 678-427-1107.