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Micro Training Solutions - The Impacts of Great Training

Micro training solutions are something that more and more business leaders and managers are seeking. It's because many are starting to realize the power of micro learning and the positive effects it can have on their business' employees – which has traditionally been a problem for companies.

Over the years, many businesses have been left frustrated by their inability to properly verify that their employee training is having a positive effect on their business. However, the advent of the internet brought about eLearning – a form of employee learning that cut away from hour-long lectures and seminars to enable employees to learn in a flexible manner more suited to their job roles. But, of course, the same problems can still exist – with the whole experience still feeling like a chore to employees. While not a new idea, employee micro learning has experienced something of a revival. And this has been fueled by the wide availability of portable technology. That means that learning can be done on the go on an employee's smartphone, tablet or laptop in just 5 minutes. With the right employee engagement software in place, it's possible to make employee learning less of a chore and a much more enjoyable, less-time consuming experience. This method of training has demonstrated proven results and is exactly why more and more businesses are tapping into micro learning's potential. And when combined with good employee training tracking software – to help evaluate the effectiveness of training – you can achieve so much more when it comes to personalizing the training of your employees.

But at Jubi, Inc., we go one step further – our micro training solutions software is an all-inclusive package allowing you to tailor your training programs and to analyze the resulting data. We combine this with elements from gaming – turning lectures into 'quests' and giving employees 'points' for completing their quests. Healthy competition is generated via company leaderboards too. To find out more, please visit http://www.getjubi.com/.