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Micro Learning Software - What Is It?

Micro learning software has attracted a lot of hype from businesses who have used this approach when training employees. So you're probably here to find out all about it. Why are businesses swearing by this approach to employee training? Is it just a craze? And what's the best software for micro learning engagement?

Well, firstly, it's not a craze – micro-learning has become an incredibly powerful software tool in getting employees engaged when learning within their job role. With so much of our personal life and work life scheduled, and with employees working different shifts, the chances of being able to track and pull your employees together for one training session is completely unrealistic in today's fast-paced world. While eLearning has proved to be a great way of enabling engagement when reaching out to all employees with training, it can still take up time. With micro-learning, your employees will learn in small 5-minute steps instead of big, hour-long development tutorials and lectures. The focus is not on 'cramming' to pass an exam – which merely stokes short term retention of information for the sake of passing a test – but instead encourages practical application of newly learned bite-sized skills. This is not a new employee training concept. As such, it has proven to be a far more powerful and effective way of learning, as it allows for learning to be combined into the workflow of your employees. And accessible technology – such as tablets, smartphones and laptops – has allowed for micro learning to be performed on-the-go or outside of the workplace via employee training tracking software. This is made possible through proper employee engagement software and employee training tracking software.

So, what's the best micro learning software? Well, we think our team at Jubi, Inc. has cracked it. Combining the power of micro learning with the engagement of a gaming experience, Jubi has created a way for quality learning to be quick, fun, effective and affordable. To see about trying out our corporate demo, visit http://www.getjubi.com/.