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Employee Training Tracking - Out With The Old, In With The New

Employee training tracking software has been around for decades. With many businesses aware that a training program is not complete without proper evaluation of its effectiveness, there have been numerous theories and systems pushed forward over the decades for employee tracking. But, of course, many of these employee tracking theories and systems never foresaw cloud technology, mobile internet or the popularity of social and mobile gaming or software.

For example, a commonly used model of training evaluation is that of Donald Kirkpatrick, author of 'Evaluating Training Programs: The Four Levels and Another Look at Evaluating Training Programs'. This tracking and evaluation system has been around for nearly five decades. While many consider that it stills stands up to today's corporate world, and as such it is still utilized in training today, the reality is that systems can become too out-dated and employees can become too over-familiar with them. This, in turn, breeds complacence directed towards your training programs. And Kirkpatrick's tracking model wasn't made with the internet, software, social media and today's societies in mind. The way we live has changed; and, as such, the way we do business has also shifted. Failing to appreciate this can lead to bland training that is not set up to consider your employees' needs. E-learning programs dramatically changed the way in which employee learning could be done. These days someone need not physically be at a location to be trained; nor is a trainer physically required to attend. And there is employee engagement software available – such as employee training tracking software – to help track the effectiveness of your employee training.

But with employee e-learning becoming old hat, what you need is something new and engaging to get your employees interested in learning again. At Jubi, Inc., we do just that. Our software combines the fun of mobile and social gaming with a form of micro-learning to ensure that your employees enjoy learning again. We have management tools that cover employee training tracking too. To get access to our superb demo, either visit http://www.getjubi.com/ or call 678-427-1107.