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Employee Training Platform - Taking E-learning Into The Modern Era

Employee training platform tools have been around for some time. That's even true of employee software training packages that have been built with e-learning in mind. After all, the 'e-learning' term was created in 1998; and so the e-learning and training market has been going for over a decade. But employee engagement has never been lower; so it's time for a learning revolution.

While e-learning itself was a terrific concept that made full use of the technology and advent of mainstream, commercial internet that happened during the late 90s, training cannot stay static; nor can its delivery methods. This outdated corporate training software served its purpose; but, today, the outlook is different. Perhaps the best indication of this is that worldwide mobile internet usage just recently, and for the first time, took over worldwide desktop internet usage. It's time to take advantage of these technological and societal changes. Whereas five years ago, mobile users accepted that some content just wasn't possible on their smartphones; today, that concept is unacceptable. Now if content isn't built with mobile screens in mind, there is outrage. With a lot of eLearning still caught up on providing desktop-friendly PDF walls of text, this sort of platform and method of delivery just doesn't cut it with today's employees. They digest their content more via their mobile devices now; not necessarily via their desktops. So your employee engagement software and training tools should be built with this shift in mind. It's time to make employee learning a more interactive, relevant experience for your employees.

And with our employee training platform at Jubi, Inc., this is more than possible. We're even taking things further. Our platform provides bite-sized employee micro-learning, suitable for mobile screens and busy employees, enabling them to digest new information in minutes – via 'quests' (learning modules) – that is directly relevant to their job role. Schedule your demo of Jubi today by registering at http://www.getjubi.com/ or by calling our team on 678-427-1107.