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Employee Training Content - How To Engage Your Workers To Learn

Employee training content is something that all businesses of a moderate size look for when it comes to finding new ways to engage their employees to learn new skills and become more effective workers. And by combining your training with emerging technologies, you could start to see measurable results.

It's something that many companies have taken advantage of over the past five years. For example, when it comes to in-store theft, employees that aren't properly trained to spot suspicious behavior aren't likely to stop goods from being stolen. Put up as many posters as you can to remind them and it still won't stick. But with small, game-like sessions that employees can experience on their mobiles and tablets, you can help to re-frame the minds of your workers without them feeling like they're being lectured. The above example isn't just something made up, either - in 2009, that's exactly what nationwide auto parts chain Pep Boys did – and ended up saving $20 million on thefts in the first year alone, thanks to such an engaging training program. This was all possible via proper employee engagement software and employee training tracking software. This allows for businesses to connect to their employees with training that is interesting, fun, non-intrusive and less time-consuming; while, at the same time, enabling HR departments to mine data about the effectiveness of their training. That's because cloud-based technologies allow for data to be collated in mere minutes – whereas previously it would have taken days via human effort.

This is the future. And at Jubi, Inc., we see that – we can help provide you with employee training content that is proven to work. We can provide you with the platform, the technology and the ability to create bite-sized, game-like training modules – or you can hire one of our content-providers to build the perfect modules for your employees. For more, please go to http://www.getjubi.com/ or call 678-427-1107.