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Employee Recognition Tools - What Can You Use?

Employee recognition tools are an important part of a manager's armory when it comes to providing morale boosting feedback to employees. Recognition is something that can either make or break a business' productivity. Eventually, even the most loyal worker can become tired of having their job performance be consistently overlooked or under-appreciated.

So how can you change that? Well, first you have to look at the managers who are in a position to recognize employees. A survey in 2011 by CareerBuilder, the largest online job site, found that 1 in 4 of managers claimed they were not ready for leadership when they were promoted; with a whopping 58% being promoted without any management training at all. Therefore, it's no surprise if you're finding recognition to be a problem – many managers haven't been taught to recognize management skills in themselves. It's therefore no surprise that another survey from around this time found that just 14% of organizations were providing recognition training to managers. Since then, a number of businesses have started to realize just how important recognition training is to their management team – and how important it is that their employee engagement software provides recognition to all of their employees. So what tools can you use to do this? Well, thankfully, learning software – with built-in training tracking and employee recognition tools – is available at an affordable price and is extremely helpful.

There are many employee recognition tools like this – but only one that provides such a comprehensive, engaging and fun experience for all – and it's called Jubi. Our team at Jubi, Inc. have developed employee recognition software and tools to make your in-house training interactive, interesting and competitive. To learn more about how we can change your organization, and to schedule a demo of Jubi that can demonstrate the difference, visit http://www.getjubi.com/ or call on 678-427-1107.