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Employee Recognition System - Getting The Training Right

Employee recognition system plans are important to get right. While many organizations believe it is just enough to have some sort of employee recognition program, the reality is that this probably doesn't get properly pushed to the front of your employees' minds enough.

Most organizations are so focused on the loyalty of customers by providing vouchers, offers and so on that their employees' hard work can get ignored. Employees are, undoubtedly, your most important asset in making a successful business – so why are so many employees left feeling under-appreciated? Whereas previously recognition programs were laughed off as a luxury, organizations are now starting to realize that recognition is a major business driver. And, as such, employee recognition software and systems are predicted to reach mainstream adoption by the end of 2016. For those who are new to employee engagement software, one of the most important tips is to integrate these systems within your in-house training. Instead of trying to gather everyone together for one lecture on the importance of recognition – a virtual impossibility in today's corporate landscape – you can instead use online tools and cloud technology to train your employees across the web. You can further drive this home by moving your in-house training system to an online-based system with in-built recognition tools to help you identify when an employee is learning new skills and when they should be congratulated and praised.

So if you're looking for an employee recognition system, then look to Jubi, Inc. Our micro-learning software allows you – or one of our content partners – to create a fully customized and branded training experience that is snappy, fun and engaging for your employees – and features badges and leaderboards to help push recognition. Visit http://www.getjubi.com/ or call 678-427-1107 for more information or to schedule a demo today!