Online Employee Recognition Programs – Getting Them To Work With Micro-Learning

Online employee recognition programs have become a very important part of today’s business world. Unlike in the past, employee recognition is now appreciated as an important aspect of a successful business. There are ways to combine your recognition programs with training that goes on within your organization too.

Many organizations today utilize e-learning employee engagement software when it comes to in-house training. This is seen as a much more engaging way to encourage employees to learn. However, with the increase in more widely accessible mobile internet, more organizations are starting to open up to the advantages of micro-learning on such platforms. Micro-learning sees employees learn a small amount of information or skills in just minutes as opposed to cramming material for an hour. A trend that many organizations are latching onto due to its effectiveness is the ‘gamification’ of this micro e-learning. This allows for the learning process to take on an air of competition, with the use of leaderboards to help build a healthy rivalry. And instead of studying modules, you complete quests. It makes the whole learning process more fun and engaging – while, at the same time, encourages repeat use as it doesn’t harshly penalize or denigrate an employee if they don’t do well. And when an employee completes a ‘quest’, earns badges, earns points and even moves up the leaderboard, there’s a sense of achievement and visible recognition of what’s been done well for the employee to see. This recognition can be furthered with proper employee recognition software that can track data – ensuring that your management team can spot those learning the most and praise them personally.

Jubi is a software tool that gamifies learning – combining the best bits of micro-learning with the most engaging parts of social gaming to create a learning experience that is unrivalled. At Jubi, Inc., we provide the platform and tools for you to build and create online employee recognition programs through training tools and data capture. To find out more, please visit or call us on 678-427-1107.

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