Employee Recognition Platform That’s Best For Your Business?

Employee recognition platform software is what you’re looking for because you’re looking to boost the effectiveness of your recognition programs. Despite nearly every organization having a recognition program today, there is still a problem in the application of recognition that continues to cause problems to businesses.

So it’s no surprise that so many organizations are now continuously looking for ways to improve efforts to recognize staff for their achievements. It has been shown that about 1 in 5 employees that leave businesses, leave because they have not received credit for their work. And 65% of employees feel like they had received zero recognition for their work in the previous year. So where does this problem come from? And how do you solve it within your organization? Well, it generally comes from a lack of management training. This can be through a lack of training in regards to recognition and a lack of training in how to handle people. And the issue can also crop up during training of employees too. When management fails to acknowledge improvements in skills and behavior by the worker, the employee can be left feeling disillusioned about their role in the company. So what can be done to solve this? Well, it’s likely by now that you have either utilized, or are looking to utilize, employee engagement software. This kind of platform is a great way to offer flexible learning to your employees. Not only can it help teach your management team to appreciate the positives of recognition, it also offers your employees credit for their achievements too. This is because there are multimedia micro-learning platforms that also come with employee recognition software to drive home praise for completing training and learning new skills.

The team at Jubi, Inc. understands this and have created a set of tools that employ cloud-based technology to offer a fun game-like, and effective, micro-learning experience that also acts as an employee recognition platform. To find out more, please visit http://www.getjubi.com/ or call on 678-427-1107.

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