Employee Engagement Apps – The Micro-Learning Buzz

Employee engagement apps and software have become a popular engagement solution for businesses looking to find ways to engage with their employees during the learning process. And a big part of this popularity has come from the combination of engaging content and recognition software with the process of micro-learning for employees.

The idea of this ‘bite sized’ employee learning does have its roots in ‘cramming’ – but isn’t done over the space of a few hours just before an exam or a test. Rather, it is done in just a few minutes and shifts the focus onto just one particular topic or skill. This means learning is less time-consuming, less rushed and there is less chance of employees ending up bored, thus the knowledge will have a better chance of sticking. Google famously introduced this into their workplace by pushing bite-sized training in the toilets of their engineering establishments – titled ‘learning on the loo’. The reward of micro-learning is clear to the individual – but what about to the business? Well, micro-learning can end up being cheaper than traditional employee training courses. Moreover, your employees gain real-time experience and knowledge – instead of learning to do something over the course of a few years that ends up becoming outdated. There is no space for outdated information in bite-sized learning – everything can be made relevant to your business, delivering further employee engagement and recognition. By utilizing micro-learning with proper tracking software, employee engagement software and employee recognition software, you can create a learning experience focused on recognition and engagement that will boost employee engagement and performance.

Jubi, Inc.’s platform allows for this experience. Our platform puts the power of program creation in your hands. Our cloud-based technology allows for you to craft ‘quests’ and award points to your employees – who can compete to finish on top of the leaderboard. On the other side, our employee engagement apps allow you to analyze data to measure the effectiveness of your programs. Visit http://www.getjubi.com/ or you can call 678-427-1107.

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