Best Employee Engagement Programs – Micro-Learning

Best employee engagement programs are what you are searching for today. With so many voices suggesting so many different methods, approaches, programs and software to help with employee learning, it can be hard to filter everything out to find what is best for your business. However, the current trend is undoubtedly towards engaging employees through micro-learning via their mobile devices.

Micro-learning is employee learning carried out through the consumption of small, bite-sized nuggets of information or knowledge. While not a new idea, employee micro-learning has come back into popularity due to the way in which our societies are changing – with technological and cultural change happening at such a rapid rate. The need for short employee lessons and acquisition of knowledge has never been more desirable within the corporate world. It is thought that the average attention span in 1998 was 12 minutes; by 2008, it was 5 minutes. Also, employee courses are often designed to be done over a couple of years. With micro-learning, these bite-sized modules can be updated regularly and easily – meaning that your employees will never be learning redundant or out-of-date information. And it’s also thought that 90% of new employee skills are lost within a year. It’s important to get good employee recognition software and employee engagement software, as ineffective employee training without focus on these areas can cost a business approximately $13.5 million per 1,000 employees on an annual basis. Micro-learning fits well with the on-the-go, always busy and micro-media lives of millennials – who now comprise nearly half of the workforce.

So when it comes to recognition and the best employee recognition software or employee engagement programs, micro-learning software programs are the way to go. And at Jubi, Inc. we take that experience further by ‘gamifying’ learning and turning it into a social experience that will help with engagement and recognition of the achievements of your employees. For more information, visit or call 678-427-1107.

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