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Employee Recognition Apps - Why Recognition Is Important

Employee recognition apps and software are something that should be integrated into any modern, online training course. While traditional training has allowed for managers and trainers to physically see someone make progress and, as such, offer instant recognition, e-learning means that such ease-of-recognition can be lost. But why does that matter?

Well, because recognition is important. When someone has excelled compared to others in a task, it can be very important to recognize this effort. Recognition doesn't need to happen in front of other employees, as this can create resentment amongst others, but it just needs to be a quick thank you. While this takes little effort, it is worth it to keep your top-performing employees happy. The same applies to training. It's easy to see training as mandatory in your workplace. Therefore, it's not seen as being worthy of particular praise to employees who complete it. But the reality is that these people who complete training modules on time are those who are your business champions and potential leaders. By recognizing these achievements, you are not only motivating these employees; you are also identifying your future leaders. It's why having some sort of employee recognition software – to keep track of these achievements – is important. Not just for bringing in the next set of supervisors or leaders, but also for the success of your business. After all, would anyone with talent want to work for your organization if you don't offer praise? And with employee engagement software becoming the medium used by most businesses, hard work has more chance of becoming recognized.

At Jubi, Inc., our software allows for the creation of fun and engaging micro-learning programs. And with leaderboards for employees who gain the most points (from completing 'quests'), there's no need for dedicated employee recognition apps: the data is there for you and your employees to see. To find out more, visit http://www.getjubi.com/ or call us on 678-427-1107.