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Employee Learning Platform - Which One Is Best?

Employee learning platform tools and software are becoming increasingly important to businesses today. With an increasing appreciation for the engagement of employees and the need for recognizable growth opportunities amongst the employee base, organizations are changing their employee training platforms to suit these new trends.

However, there is still a hurdle for these organizations to handle: what employee engagement software and corporate training software will get the desired results? Well, there are a number of engagement and training platforms that can be used to teach employees. Some employee training platforms or corporate training software, however, are unsuited to organizations of a certain size. For example, conference calls or two-way audio may be a great way for an employee to directly communicate with a peer or manager for training; but can that be sustained for 1,000 employees? We're betting that the answer is no. So that leaves a few realistic, online-based options: LMSs or peer-to-peer platforms. LMSs (Learning Management Systems) are perhaps the most well-known platforms and are often utilized by, for example, colleges and universities as a way to engage their students. This allows for class readings to be uploaded, discussions to be held on message-boards, announcements, lecturers to be posted and even for essays to be uploaded onto the system by students which are then graded by their lecturers. Although LMSs are great, many are still very desktop-orientated. However, peer-to-peer platforms are rapidly becoming the future of online employee learning. These platforms act as, essentially, a 'Facebook' for learning; allowing peers to communicate and study with one another in a social media-esque environment.

At Jubi, Inc., we think both LMS and peer-to-peer based employee learning platform tools have their place, so we're bringing you the best of both worlds with our platform Jubi. Connecting your employees together to create both collaboration and competition, Jubi is the next generation of online employee learning – no matter whether it's via desktop or mobile device. Interested? Then visit http://www.getjubi.com/ or call our offices on 678-427-1107 to find out more.